Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas 2009

Even as I am preparing for our two Christmas Eve services, I'm filled with the joy and love of the season. Our tree is decorated, and there are presents under the tree. I took time this week to
visit many of our shut-ins and personally wish them a Merry Christmas. Our Mission Possible Kids sent 236 Warm Fuzzy to brighten up the lives of children at the YWCA domestic violence shelters.
Our church adopted a family through the Good Neighbor Center and provided them with presents for Christmas. The youth raised funds to help homeless youth through Youth and Children Services have a better Christmas.

With all this going on this season there is a lot fill all our hearts with joy and love. As you sit down at family gatherings and football parties this weekend, please take a moment to remember all of those who are hungry, who are homeless, and
who are in the midst of families in crisis. Join with me in making 2010 a year we reach out even more to share God's love in real and practical ways. If we do, the blessings and joy of Christmas can last the whole year.

Merry Christmas & Hapy New Year

Pastor John