Thursday, August 27, 2009

July 9, 2009

Located near the bottom of this post under the title Mission Possible 2009 are the list of goals we have set for ourselves for 2009. Just a week ago we began the second half of the year, so I thought it was a good time to check-in with everyone and see how we're doing. We spent the first four months of the year focused on spiritual disciplines. The sermons, and adult Sunday School classes were all focused on various aspects of spiritual disciplines. We achieved our goal, but I wonder what last effect all of that talk has had on our actual behavior.
I want to give you an opportunity to report back and to share your experience with spiritual disciplines such as, prayer, study, mediation, fasting and worship. What have you tried differently this year? Have you been successful in creating new habits? What kind of support do you need to continue to grow in your love for God? I want to encourage you to write or email me and share your stories, both successes and setbacks. I will then share them with the congregation anonymously. Your stories and practices might just be the message that others need to continue their own journey of spiritual disciplines.
We have also been focusing on our third goal. Through May we were very faithful in our giving and the needs of the budget aloud us to give 100% of our apportionments. June was a more difficult month because of quarterly insurance payments that came due. It seems that only now in Mid-July will be able to give 100% of our June giving. I would ask that you pray for God's spirit to infuse our goals, our congregation and the community around our church so that this vital ministry funding may continue to be given fully each month.
Beginning in late June, we have been talking about "Sharing our Story." Sharing our Story is about understanding that the work we do in our daily lives is ministry, And our stories, which seem very common to us can be a witness to others. Sharing our story as part of God's story is how we invite others to join us on the journey, and how we allow God's spirit to flow through our actions and attitudes. I hope that you will continue to worship with us, and to begin to share your story of faith with those around you.
We are half way done with the year, but well on our way to completing our goals for 2009. Now is the time to rally our efforts as we look forward towards the end of the year, and new goals for 2010.

God Bless

Pastor John

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